Empaths: Opposite Of Narcissists

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An empath is a person who feels the pain and emotions of others. Empaths carry the positive energies of others and are drained by their negative thoughts. Empaths are eager to help others. They are intuitive and often accurate. Empaths are great givers. They hate violence. They possess a strong sense to judge when someone is lying. They can see the true intentions of others.

Empathy is defined as the capacity to put yourself in others’ shoes and relate to their feelings, emotions, and experiences. So basically, it is the ability to feel and understand what others are experiencing exactly.

Empaths exist! Despite many people referring to themselves as empaths, they make up a small proportion of the population in actuality. According to a study, only 1-2% of the whole population are actual empaths. Highly empathetic people mirror other people’s movements unconsciously. MRI scans have already supported this fact as there is a neural relay system in the brain that functions by these movements.  Research shows that the presence of mirror neurons in the brain of empaths enables them to feel, understand and read the emotions of other people.

Here are 15 possible signs to tell if you’re an empath.

  1. Empaths reflect a lot of empathy.
  2. Intimacy and close contact are overwhelming for empaths.
  3. Empaths give a strong gut reaction to odd things. It reflects their strong intuition.
  4. Empaths like spending time in nature as it comforts them.
  5. Crowded and busy places can put empaths in a difficult position.
  6. Empaths like to help others and when it is not possible, they become disappointed.
  7. Empaths are very good listeners, so people tend to share their secrets and problems with them.
  8. Empaths are highly sensitive to smell, sound, and sensation.
  9. Empaths get easily fatigued and need time to recharge.
  10. Empaths actively avoid conflicts because of their higher sensitivity.
  11. Empaths find it difficult to fit in and relate to other people.
  12. Empaths like isolation to heal themselves.
  13. Empaths find it hard to set boundaries in relationships.
  14. Empaths tend to see the world in exquisite ways.
  15. Empaths get easily influenced by other people’s emotions.

As empaths are the opposites of narcissists, people with NPD have no empathy and they thrive on admiration. Empaths are highly sensitive people and absorb the feelings and emotions of other people. Empaths believe that they can help and handle narcissists, so they dedicate themselves selflessly to narcissists, but narcissists never acknowledge it. In this way, narcissists take advantage of empaths and treat their compassion as their weakness.


Listed are some emotional triggers that empaths can experience:

  • Pains and suffering of others.
  • Fulfilling demands and expectations of others.
  • Too much intimacy in relationships.
  • Negative energies of others.
  • Childhood abuse and traumas.
  • Feeling to be neglected.
  • Feeling of worthlessness.

The 6 most known types of empaths are:

  1. Emotional Empath: Empath that carries or takes on the emotions of others easily is called an emotional empath.
  2. Physical Empath: An empath who feels and absorbs the emotions, sorrows, and feelings of others physically is called a physical empath.
  3. Intuitive Empath: Empath who possesses a strong intuition is called an intuitive empath.
  4. Plant Empath: Empath who is attuned to the needs of the plants is known as a plant empath.
  5. Animal Empath: Empath who can easily sense the needs and wants of animals is called an animal empath.
  6. Earth Empath: Empath who feels a strong and deep connection to nature and earth is called an earth empath.

Here are the 7 most effective strategies to assure the mental health of empaths:

  1. Awareness of past traumas.
  2. Retrieval and rehabilitation of your inner wounded child.
  3. Releasing negative emotions of anger, fear, and depression.
  4. Setting clear boundaries for yourself.
  5. Conscious breathing exercises.
  6. Regular meditation.
  7. Shower self-compassion, love, and kindness in yourself.

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Written by: Tahira Rubab Hafeez

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