Era Of Narcissism

narcissists and workplace

Narcissism is immensely spreading in this modern world and unfortunately is on the rise today. As narcissists are the people who are truly full of themselves, they tend to bring detrimental and destructive impacts on people individually and collectively. If we look around, it will not be hard to say that the narcissistic epidemic is out of control and is at its peak in this modern material world.

In short, narcissism affects people in daily life, societies, relationships, cultures, workplace environments, and social media.

narcissists and workplace

Narcissistic people possess characteristics that contribute to self-care only, in this way they greatly affect people and surroundings. Narcissists have a high sense of grandiosity and self-importance, so they tend to possess selfish and greedy behaviors, an increased sense of entitlement, and a lack of empathy for others.

Narcissism brings destructive effects to the individual lives of people. Narcissists pay a lot of attention to themselves as they are highly self-focused and have an exaggerated sense of self. Narcissists strongly desire their praise and admiration. They want extreme appreciation for their physical appearance. Narcissists are selfish people and have an exaggerated sense of entitlement. They lack sympathy for others as they are self-centered. Narcissists fail to distinguish themselves from external objects as they only think of them. They need extra attention from others and have grandiosity feelings. They require excessive appreciation and admiration from people. As they are so full of themselves, they sometimes feel bored and empty inside. Narcissists are highly occupied with fantasies such as success, power, beauty, and love. Narcissists envy others and believe others are also envious of them. They think and believe that are very special and unique people.

Narcissists experience troubled, superficial, and exploitative relationships as they only think about themselves and ignore the feelings and emotions of their partners. Due to this, there is a lack of trust in their relationships. Narcissists are unable to attach to their partners as they are highly fragile and sensitive. Narcissists cannot depend on their partners for anything because of their ego and self-esteem. They throw tantrums and arrogant behaviors toward their partners. Narcissists are highly exploitative and take advantage of the people who care about them. Narcissists are selfish in their relationships, as they only think of themselves and never care about others.

Narcissism also affects the cultures that tend to value individuals’ over collective people. Individualistic cultures report having higher levels of narcissism as they value personal gains over collective benefits. Cultures that focus on individuals possess narcissistic tendencies. Such culture reflects narcissistic admiration, shallow values, aggression, less intellectual interest, and a lack of empathy and concern for people collectively. Social motives and goals are highly disregarded as there is no harmony and urge for collective achievements.

relationship with narcissist

Workplaces are greatly affected by narcissists. As narcissists engage in manipulative behaviors, they display negative influence on other employees. Narcissists show no appreciation for others and spread an inferiority complex among employees. They undermine the morale of their team members. They are arrogant and show no sympathy for their peers. Because of a high sense of grandiosity their behaviors, expressions, and reactions are on the top. Narcissists constantly look for self-praise and recognition for every little achievement at their workplaces. They fantasize about being in power and like to control everyone. They expect their peers to treat them specially. Narcissists cannot handle any slight criticism at work. All these things contribute to team conflicts and team unity is hampered. No team collaboration is found and as a result, there is a massive decrease in the efficiency of employees. Narcissism tends to decrease workplace productivity due to decreased levels of employee engagement. Shortly narcissism tarnishes the image of desired work culture.

Social media narcissism is also very popular nowadays. Famous social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram mainly focus on displaying personal images and sharing personal opinions. Sometimes oversharing of these pictures and opinions by youngsters are greatly affected by narcissism. Higher amounts of social media content contribute to higher levels of grandiosity in narcissistic people. More frequent selfies are an example of self-importance. Narcissists use social media channels to satisfy their egos and gain praise. They like to share things concerning them and take immense pride in showing such things. Social media narcissists make a lot of friends on social media. They are preoccupied with their social and financial status. So increased use of social media contributes to a rising in narcissistic traits in people.

social media spreading narcissism

The impact of narcissistic abuse is irrevocable and the destruction it causes is irreparable. It takes immense time and energy to minimize and control the effects of narcissism. There are some highly effective ways to overcome this abuse:

  • Accept your feelings and emotions and don’t try to suppress them.
  • Educate yourself.
  • Recognition of situations in which you are being manipulated.
  • Join communities and support groups.
  • Learning from real experiences of people.
  • Take psychotherapy if required.
  • Take good care of yourself by eating healthy, sleeping well, and engaging in constructive activities.
  • Open yourself to feedback.
  • By introducing yourself to the underlying issues and problems.
  • Identifying and overcoming past traumas.
  • Looking forward in life.
  • Getting more in touch with the present self.
  • Practicing self-compassion and dedication in everyday life.

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Written by: Tahira Rubab Hafeez

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