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According to the data released by Google, Pakistan tops the list of most porn-searching countries. One of the major problems is that many people have become addicted to watching porn which has a deep impact not only on the body but also the mind.

In this post i will discuss the affect of pornography on your brain and body and how to overcome the habit of pornography.

How Pornography become Addiction 

To start, let’s just state plainly that sexual activity produces large amounts of dopamine. Our bodies are simply wired that way. Sex, masturbation and viewing pornography will ALL cause our brains to produce dopamine, and ultimately crave more of it.

We can become addicted to pornography for precisely that reason. Regular use of pornography will eventually lead to a craving for the dopamine that comes from using it.

The real issue with pornography and dopamine is that pornography is so accessible thanks to the internet. 

Pornography and Coolidge Effect 

Porography leads to sexual violenace and adultry and distrub the sexual relationship with your spouse.

To understand this we must consider the Coolidge Effect, which states that over time, sexual desire will decrease with a single mate and increase with a new one. 

According to this theory, sexual desire increases from a “newness” factor. Now, bring pornography into the equation. We have an affinity to want “new” things because they produce more dopamine–more excitement–and with pornography the options for new people is endless.

In doing that, we train our bodies to become dependent upon finding a new, exciting “mate” that will meet or exceed our current expectation in order to have the dopamine released. It is no longer enough to simply have sex or be committed to a single woman when pornography is viewed in excess. It creates a relationship where the only thing arousing is novelty. This can then create an issue when an individual attempts to stop watching porn. Porn withdrawal is a real issue and can cause major fluctuations in one’s behavior.

Pornography and Erectile dysfunction ( Effect of Body)

This is why many pornography addicts experience porn-induced erectile dysfunction and why many men desire to have more sex but are not aroused by their spouse. They have trained their body to be more aroused by an image than a person because the “novelty” image will lead to an increased dopamine response compared to the alternative.

Pornography literally changes our brain to desire more pornography, just like drinking soda will make you want more soda, or that having candy will make you want more candy. Our brains become “wired” to have pornography and to seek it out.

How to get rid of the habit of Pornography 

In conclusion, knowing that your impulse to view pornography has a strong tie to the way your brain is wired will help with the recovery process. Quitting pornography isn’t just about abstaining from it, but is about rewiring your brain to stop craving those dopamine hits.

To get there we need to view our recovery like a health challenge. Simply eating a healthy diet for six weeks doesn’t make you healthy just like abstaining from pornography for six weeks doesn’t make you recovered. Rebooting your brain will take time and dedication to restore your life to a state where pornography isn’t a part of it anymore. A good first step is stopping the habit, but fixing the issue will take time.

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