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Dr Tahira Rubab is the best psychologist in Lahore and a well-respected medical expert. Dr Tahira is the best sexologist in Lahore who provides many services. Some of her services include stress, depression, couples, and sex therapy. She has played her part in developing the latest therapies and treatments. Dr Tahira Rubab holds an international license. She has made significant efforts to introduce Pakistan into the world. She has a great reputation among the local and international communities. It is because of her dedication to the job. She wants to provide the highest quality of care to everyone. Her goal is to give her patients the tools they need to make their lives better.

Best Psychologist In Lahore – Dr Tahira Rubab


Dr Tahira Rubab did her MS in clinical psychology from GCU, Lahore. She continued with her Ph.D. after that. She has been an important part of many international studies, books, and magazines. Dr. Tahira is a member of the British Psychological Society. She knows the current mental health problems in Pakistan. All this earned her the title of the best psychologist in Lahore and Pakistan. We also know her as the best sexologist in Lahore and Pakistan. It is because of the ease with which people can talk to her.


Dr. Rubab works at Tahira Rubab Clinic in Lahore and has a long experience of over ten years. She has developed and put different mental health projects to use across Pakistan. Dr Tahira Rubab provides mental health services to the public and sexual minorities. For her ten-year career, she has taken on many roles. It helped her develop a deep understanding of the factors affecting mental health.

best psychologist in lahore - dr tahira rubab

The Best Psychologist In Lahore - Activism

Dr Tahira Rubab aims to raise knowledge about mental health problems in Pakistan. She also works as a researcher, trainer, human rights activist, and writer. Dr Tahira appears on different social media sources from time to time. People call her the best psychologist in Lahore and Pakistan. They say it is because she can discuss the most sensitive topics affecting them. She earned the title of the best sexologist in Lahore and Pakistan. It is because she can talk openly about all the issues ranging from sexual to mental. She uses the latest ways to handle mental health problems and deliver the best results.

Dr Tahira has appeared as an analyst on many news channels, including Lahore News and Neo News. She has spoken on a variety of subjects about mental health in Pakistan. People can use her online videos, interviews, and discussions as references. She is a well-known writer with writings in Pakistan and other countries. She uses every source she can to spread knowledge and change people’s minds. Unfortunately, people are stuck in old ways of thinking. They still view a psychologist as forbidden in the community. Dr Tahira aims to make the practice of turning to professionals normal for help. She is always willing to go above and beyond to develop mental health care in Pakistan.

The Best Sexologist In Lahore - Interests

Dr Tahira Rubab is one of the best experts. She can deal with a wide range of mental health issues and concerns. Her most important research interests are psychotherapy and sex therapy. It makes her the best psychologist in Lahore and Pakistan. She explains that mental problems have a much deeper effect on sexual life. As the best sexologist in Lahore and Pakistan, she has reached many conclusions.

She says that, in most cases, the cause of harmful sexual behaviors is mental instead of medical. People could have happy sexual lives with the right therapy and guidance. She can deal with even the most difficult problems in a planned and effective way. Dr. Tahira creates a care plan based on the needs of each patient. She aims to positively affect lives by helping them in overcoming mental barriers. It is so they can chase their dreams and reach their full potential.

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