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Tahira Rubab aims at reshaping lives by providing factual knowledge about human behavior and psychology. As psychology and psychological problems are taken as taboos to be discussed and people think people who have psychological problems are insane so on the lighter note Tahira Rubab takes responsibility of sharing knowledge which can help in considering right help. Tahira Rubab brings capacity building trainings for individuals, students, parents and couples. These video training are focused parenting, child protection, confidence building, communication skills, Marital and sexual problems .Experts share behavior changing techniques and motivational tips, which people can use for their problematic behaviors and to improve their professional, personal lives.

About Me

Tahira Rubab

Consultant Clinical Psychologist (DK & MBPSs UK)

Tahira Rubab is an internationally Authorized Clinical Psychologist. Her passion and approach of growing together brought her to personal development sector. Her 10 years experience does not limit to only provision of mental health services to general population, sexual minorities and marginalized groups but also Developing and implementing mental health projects for different organizations, schools and institutions. Strengthening organizations and mental health facilities with Technical support, Capacity building, Institutional manual and policy development. Her services are for every set of population regardless of gender, religion, sect, sexual orientation, and age, with the believe that quality of life should be in reach of every single person of the society.