social media and marriage problems

The social media and marriage problems

Social media can help us in connecting, but there are also hidden traps. If it is causing social media and marriage problems then it is trouble for you. It is a problem if you are having conflicts over social media or spending much less time together. If that is the case, there are steps you may take to keep social media in its area and maintain your marriage strong.

Social media has allowed us to be more conscious of the lives of those we care about, together with our partners. We can speak with them and will see their everyday happenings. But, it could also affect health and marriages negatively. It can happen if we experience disappointment with what we see or what an accomplice shares.

Signs of social media and marriage problems

Hopefully, social media is affecting your marriage positively. But if you’re like most couples social media and marriage problems are likely to rise. It’s important to understand the signs early so you can act earlier than later. Social media can affect your marriage if you or your companion are aware of the following points.

  • Reduced quality time together
  • A feeling of distance between the two of you
  • Learning about critical activities of life happenings in your partner’s world via social media.
  • Checking your partner’s social media to make sure they are no longer doing something you disapprove.
  • Increasing conflicts about social media use, posts, and so on.
  • Secrecy between the two of you about your social media accounts and posts.
social media and marriage
social media and marriage

How social media and marriage problems arise?

Although they have benefits, social media and marriage problems can also arise. Some of the terrible consequences of social media on marriages comprise reduced time with a partner, neglected connections, jealousy arising from disagreements, and terrible comparisons.

  • Reduced time with your partner

Social media also can affect marriages by lowering interest and the quality of time spent together.

Social media makes it quite simple for us to compare our marriages with other marriages or people we see on social media. It can affect the dedication to our marriage, which could cause betrayal and even the death of the marriage.

Social media may also cause retroactive jealousy, which happens when someone feels disappointed in their companion’s romantic history, no matter ex-partner is no longer an issue in the current marriage.

  • Conflict caused by disagreements

Couples can also discover themselves fighting about different beliefs about what is appropriate and acceptable on social media.

Positive Effects On Marriages

Although there is a possibility of social media and marriage problems it can affect your marriage positively, too. Study shows that positive effects can show through partners’ public expressions of love and back-and-forth data sharing. For some, it offers them peace of mind in understanding what their companion is up to.

For couples who might be in a long-distance marriage, social media can help them in living and experience more connections. They have smooth access to one another’s regular lives and moments.

Tips for overcoming

If you do not want social media and marriage problems it is time to set some boundaries. Put social media in its place, increase communication with your companion, and believe your marriage is a priority. These four tips can be helpful:

  1. Set boundaries

Sometimes we spend too much time on our phones. The first thing to do in this situation is to set boundaries related to social media. Whatever boundaries you and your companion set, it’s extremely important that you both agree and preserve and obey them.

  1. Plan quality time together

We all have busy lives, and if we cannot find time for our dating, it will fail. Couples need to plan a weekly date during which they are present with each other and are no longer distracted. Phones and social media must no longer be a part of this scheduled time.

  1. Be aware of what you are posting

A loving marriage means you believe in your companion as you’re making decisions about what your companion thinks of you. Before posting, delay and ask yourself if it can cause social media and marriage problems for you and how your companion will feel about that post. Keep them in your thoughts as you’re making those choices. Also, make certain you aren’t using social media to submit any dating concerns.

  1. Be clear, open, and honest

Too many marriages face betrayal because of social media. A betrayal in a marriage is not an emotional or physical affair. Lying or withholding information to avoid conflict is also betrayal. Be open and honest with your partner about whom you are connecting on social media, even if you think they will dislike it.

Written by: Dr Tahira Rubab Hafeez

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