intelligence and addiction

Intelligence and addiction – What’s the connection?

The disadvantages of drug abuse are dangerous and obvious. One would think that smart people would stay away from them. But, the relationship found between intelligence and addiction is against this understanding. It is opposite to common expectations. Intelligence is the ability to learn, understand, and keep knowledge. It is the ability to deal with new situations and use thinking to solve problems.

Effects Of Drugs On Brain Development

MRI studies show that consistent drugs can disrupt the front part of the brain. This area plays an important role in recognizing and controlling abilities related to thoughts. These skills include planning, decision-making, and sorting memories. I have discussed the drugs that cause problems below.

  • Psychoactive drugs and anti-depressants can cause severe problems with thoughts, life, and insanity.
  • Non-psychoactive drugs can cause harmful long-lasting thought-related behaviors.
  • Anti-depressants, stress-related pills and sleeping pills can cause mental confusion. Drugs can also affect memory because they lower the blood level of cholesterol. This low blood level can damage memory and learning ability. Drugs affect learning by damaging the thinking abilities of humans.

We now know that intelligence and addiction have a direct relationship. I have discussed the significant signs of addicts below.

  1. You use drugs daily or more than twice a day.
  2. Having an intense desire for drugs.
  3. With time, you demand more drugs.
  4. You start drug intake in huge amounts.
  5. You make sure you have enough supply of drugs.
  6. You spend all your money on buying drugs.
  7. You neglect your friends, family, and work and avoid taking part in social activities.
  8. Driving risks, stealing, and other improper activities under the influence of drugs.
  9. You fail in trying to withdraw from drugs.
  10. Doing things you rarely do.
intelligence and addiction relationship
intelligence and addiction relationship

Relationship between intelligence and addiction

Different studies have listed the relationship between intelligence and drug use. Drugs cause damage to health, and finances and bear high legal results. But intelligence and addiction have a positive relationship. Genius people are more likely to use drugs than people with low levels of IQ.

Why does a positive relationship between intelligence and drug addiction exist? It is the question that comes up in our minds.

Drugs are attractive to smart people, especially to outstanding teenagers. I have discussed the reasons below.

  • Novelty

Smart people think of themselves as amazing and unusual. They think others are inferior to them, so they avoid them. In this way, it leads them to dangerous over-use of drugs to have a narrow escape.

  • Separation from others

Smart people go through plenty of mental issues. They include stress, fear, and depression. They also face problems interacting with people. So, they separate themselves far from others to overcome these issues. It works as a self-medication for them.

  • Boredom

Genius people find it hard to fit into the surrounding conditions. It is because they can carefully study people and situations in a moment. In this way, they get bored and the connection between intelligence and addiction becomes evident. They become attracted to drugs.

  • Need for space

Smart people overthink and cannot make steady decisions. They use drugs to bring their thoughts to the same wavelength.

What Is Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction affects the brain and behavior of a person, leading to the legal and illegal use of drugs. It starts as recreational use and then becomes frequent. Self-medication or exposure to prescribed medicines can also cause drug dependence. Drugs that affect brain activities are:

  • Alcohol
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Weed
  • Steroids
  • Tobacco

Relationship of Mental Problems

Smart people experience many mental problems. It is also the main reason why the relationship between intelligence and addiction exists. I have listed some of the problems below.

  • The brains and bodies of smart people remain in a state of too much energy. So, working at a steady pace becomes hard for them. It can lead to many health problems.
  • They think out of the box, so common people do not understand their ideas. This causes feelings that there is no hope resulting in stress and depression.
  • Minds of smart people work faster than others and remain in a state of too much energy. So, getting relaxed becomes a challenge for them.
  • Since they know more than others so most of the time they feel like a weird person in a class of average people.
  • Smart people are more logical. So, they find it hard to have an emotional connection in their relationships.
  • Failure strikes smart people more than average people. When they don’t get the expected results, they take it as a challenge and create stress for themselves.
  • Their mind remains occupied to be on top and performing best. This can lead to difficulty relaxing and enjoying a free mind. I hope now you are getting a sense of why the connection between intelligence and addiction exists.
  • Intelligent people want perfection in their work, which can cause OCD.
  • They prefer to be alone because they have a higher level of thought-related functioning. They think on a different level, and common people cannot connect to that level. So, the conversation doesn’t appeal to them much and they go back to their shell. They enjoy the company of people who think in the same way.
  • Their risk-taking makes them able to get hurt by getting into drugs.

Behavior Of Smart People

The connection between intelligence and addiction can also be linked to some of the behaviors. Intelligent people share particular attributes apart from high scores on IQ tests. I have shared some attributes below.

  1. High ability to change

Smart people are flexible and can survive in different settings. They change to fit situations by showing what they can do even though ideal conditions are not present. Intelligence depends on the ability to change behaviors and successfully deal with the surrounding conditions.

  1. They understand how much they don’t know.

Smart people admit when they are not familiar with any idea. They are not afraid to say: I don’t know. And if they don’t know it, they can learn it. It validates the study that says less smart people overestimate their intelligence.

  1. Unstoppable curiosity

Bright people are curious. Things we take as something that will never go away interest smart people.

  1. Readers

Sharp people are unstoppable readers. Successful people say that they educate themselves by reading anything they can get.

  1. Open-minded to new ideas and possibilities

Smart people are always open to new ideas and opportunities. Smart people will accept and think about the views of other people with broad-mindedness. They welcome other options.

  1. Enjoy their own company

Brilliant people believe that people should be themselves and not try to be like others. Smart people get less happiness from meeting a need and spending time with friends than most people.

  1. High self-control

Smart people control almost-wild energy by planning, finding different success plans, and thinking about results ahead of time. There is a clear link between self-control and intelligence. 

  1. Fun-loving

Smart people are funny and have a great sense of humor. They have a twisted sense of humor. 

Author: Dr Tahira Rubab Hafeez

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