intelligence and addiction connection

The intelligence and addiction – relationship

Intelligence is the ability to learn, think, plan, create interesting new things, and recognize and solve problems. Intelligence is not only measured through IQ – which is a number that represents the thinking abilities of a person but can also be gauged by watching certain traits of smart people. There is a positive connection between intelligence and addiction and we will get into that after some of the most basic qualities of smart people. I have mentioned them below.

  • Highly able to change
  • Understand how much they don’t know
  • High levels of curiosity and passion
  • Open-minded to new ideas and opportunities
  • High value for alone time
  • Overcome almost wild energy
  • Sensitivity to other people’s experiences (Emotionally Smart)
  • Insatiable readers

Drug Addiction Explained

Drug addiction is the illegal use of drugs or medicines for which they are meant to be used. Dangerous overuse of drugs can lead to many social, physical, and emotional problems. It can cause serious damage to your brain and health. Drugs cause changes in brain chemistry, and damage brain and nerve cells and their functions. A reasonable person would think that intelligent people will stay away from drugs. But the connection between intelligence and addiction is positive. Addiction can cause loss of memory, lowered learning ability, decreased thinking ability, and many mental problems.

Four main types of drugs are:

  1. Stimulants (cocaine)
  2. Depressants (alcohol)
  3. Opium-related painkillers such as heroin
  4. Hallucinogens (LSD)

Possible signs of drug abuse are:

  • Missing school work, less interest in school activities, dropping grades, and lower work performance
  • Lack of interest in your appearance and looks
  • Sudden weight gain or loss
  • Drastic changes in behaviors, and mood swings
  • Fragile relationships.
  • Being very private without any reason
  • Sudden requests for money, money stolen or missing, to support drugs

The intelligence and addiction - connection

The long-term effects of drugs are very extreme and even deadly. Besides the disadvantages, smart people are attracted to drugs and the relationship between intelligence and addiction is very surprising. Reasons, why smart people use drugs, are:

  • Supports new, surprising quality
  • Method of self-medicine
  • Gives them space to think
  • Streamlines their thoughts
  • Eradicates feelings of boredom
  • Provides alone time and being completely separate from others
  • Gives them a huge pleasure
  • High energy which makes feel good
  • Reduces stress
  • Aids sleep

How Drug Abuse Affects Intelligence

When we use drugs, the brain is flooded with dopamine, which causes feelings of huge pleasure. When brain cells are constantly exposed to too much dopamine, brain cells are damaged and long-term use of drugs can cause their death also. As the brain tries to successfully deal with excess dopamine, brain functions change due to changes in nerve signals and commands. You can now see how the relationship between intelligence and addiction is deadly.

Some drugs attach themselves to brain receptors that control, send and receive brain signals. In this way, the body’s actual brain chemicals do not attach to the brain receptors. The job of natural brain chemicals interferes with it which causes a delay in brain signals. Eventually, the brain stops producing the brain chemicals needed to perform brain functioning.

Blood vessels also become tightened due to the dangerous overuse of drugs. It reduces the flow of blood to other parts of the body. Over time, blood vessels become narrow and hardened. When blood vessels become narrowed in the brain, brain cells die off which causes small gaps in brain tissue.

Problems Of Smart People

  • Smart people have a greater chance of developing mental illness than people with regular IQ. So, the relationship between intelligence and addiction is very real.
  • They can suffer from mental health disturbance, mood, fear, and stress-related problems, ADHD, and ASD.
  • Intelligent people tend to over-carefully study things due to over-excitability, which causes stress in them.
  • Highly smart people get upset if what they do isn’t perfect which makes them restless.
  • Intelligent people are highly aware if they do not have enough of something which causes depression in them.
  • Smart people are more likely to experience stress.
  • Intelligent people are weighed down by high expectations from themselves and other people.
  • They feel intense discomfort in mixed groups of people, this way avoiding gatherings.
  • Smart people worry more than regular people.
  • Highly smart people always struggle with life.
  • They struggle with their relationships, especially in love.
  • Smart people prefer to be alone or enjoy the company of like people.

Author: Dr Tahira Rubab Hafeez

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