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The heyoka empath traits | heyoka traits

Heyokas are the strongest kinds of empaths that open people’s minds to new approaches by acting as a mirror and poking ironic fun at the situation. Making serious circumstances light allows people to see themselves differently and they heal themselves. These heyoka empath traits make it possible for them to heal the world. Empaths are intuitive by nature because of their ability to sense energy and feel emotions, but heyokas take it to another level. I have discussed some significant heyoka traits in this blog.

Heyokas are gifted spiritual empaths and are also highly intuitive. This makes them good at sensing and understanding the emotions, feelings, pains, sorrows, and problems that are happening around them. Heyokas also can read other people’s minds and emotions. They know what others are feeling, and what they are thinking, even if they can’t always tell exactly why. It is one of those traits that makes the world a beautiful place to live in. Heyokas are extreme perfectionists. They want everything according to their needs and demands. As heyoka comprises both light and dark energy, this can cause them to be very high-maintenance people. The heyoka empath traits make them expect things to be done perfectly or in their manner. This heyoka trait can have consequences. It makes the life of heyokas and the surrounding people difficult. They are very sensitive to the emotional energies around them, which can make it hard to feel comfortable and in control. Heyokas can notice when people around them are suffering and they take whatever it takes to relieve them from their pain.

The heyoka empath traits - bipolar tendencies

One drawback of the heyoka empath traits is that they exhibit bipolar tendencies. Heyokas face a hard time while trying to manage their feelings. This characteristic of heyokas matches with the empaths. The reason behind this is that they sense the emotions of other people. This is natural and they can not control it. Catching the emotion of other people around can become overwhelming sometimes. We have discussed some important heyoka traits below.

  • Heyokas are empathetic and intuitive people who can sense emotions and energies as if they were their own.
  • They also have a strong intuition, even if they don’t realize it consciously.
  • They have strong gut feelings but are too shy to tell anyone about them.
  • They feel joy from being alone but also get lonely at the same time. This mostly happens because of their ability to absorb other people’s feelings and energy from their surroundings. 
  • Heyokas are great puzzle solvers and possess a great analytical mind for identifying the root cause of any problem or solving it.
  • One of the heartbreaking heyoka empath traits is that they are susceptible to depression, anger, and sadness. 
  • Heyokas are excellent at sensing anger in others because they don’t need to talk to someone to know if they are angry or not. This is one of the heyoka traits that is amazing. They can feel the energy of a person and even tell if someone is lying or not. 
  • Heyokas are also amazing at sensing feelings of pain and sadness in others, and this is natural in them.
  • They value their personal space most of the time but can also feel lonely for no reason. It renders them lonely.

Introvert and complicated

It is no wonder that most empaths are introverts. This is because they sense the feelings of everyone around them. Some people experience over one thought running through their heads at the same time. These heyoka empath traits match with the traits of empaths. I have discussed other heyoka traits in the bullet points below.

  • Heyoka empaths have a difficult time managing their emotions. 
  • Heyokas are quiet and try to keep everything to themselves. They keep their emotions bottled up inside and may not even know how they always feel. 
  • Angry people surround Heyoka empaths because they can feel their energy and thoughts.
  • Heyokas can be very complicated because they comprise both light and dark energies. Even if they appear happy on the outside, they may bear sadness on the inside.
  • Heyokas have exaggerated senses and can also often see things that others cannot.
  • When it comes to listening to other people, they will naturally pick up on any differences in their tones or even how they feel. 
  • They have an exceptional intuition about situations or people since heyokas can sense when something is off or different. 
  • They can easily identify dishonesty. Heyokas have a hard time trusting others. It is no wonder now that you are aware of the heyoka empath traits especially this one. 
  • Heyokas experience a great deal of emotional turbulence because they absorb many emotions from their environment.
heyoka traits - heyoka empath traits
heyoka traits - heyoka empath traits

Over sensitive

Heyoka empaths are a combination of dark energy and light energy. This makes them extremely difficult. They might look happier on the outside but in reality, are sad on the inside. This mixture of feelings confuses heyoka empaths. People find various heyoka empath traits confusing. If you are among those people, do not feel confused. No one can fully understand heyokas completely. It is one of those heyoka traits that leave them peaceless.

  • Heyokas feel very uncomfortable in the world. The reason for this is that they often have trouble understanding how other people are feeling and what they are thinking. When these things are not completely clear to them, it can make them feel out of place and slightly confused.
  • Heyokas pay attention to how other people are feeling and become overly sensitive to their energies. 
  • They are excellent listeners who can make anyone feel comforted when that person needs it. 
  • Heyokas feel they are over-sensitive to the world around them and can often recognize when they have done something wrong, and it puts them at blame and guilt. It is one of the heyoka empath traits that can also lead them down a dark path.
  • They are great at putting others at ease by being patient, kind, and understanding. It is one of the heyoka traits that makes them influential and lovable.
  • Heyokas need time alone to think and sort out their emotions, but they also need the company of others to make them feel happy. 
  • Heyokas make sure that people around them can solve their problems.
  • They possess significant amounts of empathy and are helpful in figuring out how things should work out.
Energy seekers

Heyokas are introverts and so it is difficult for them to move to crowded places. However, this can cause them to gain energy from socializing and talking with friends, even if they aren’t ready to engage in the conversation. The outcome of the heyoka empath traits can be positive or negative.

  • A heyoka is highly spiritual, and it can cause them to have a hard time going along with the normal routine of things. It is one of those heyoka traits that makes it difficult for them to do a regular job. 
  • Heyokas are highly intuitive, and this can make it easy for them to read other people’s minds and emotions. 
  • They feel extremely energized when surrounded by many people. The only thing is that they may not always be able to determine the source of their feelings. 
  • As heyokas are introverted, it may sometimes be difficult for them to decide because their minds are always going over every minute detail of a subject. They may also feel like knowing everything isn’t enough to decide. 
  • They can get bored easily, even when they have something they need to do. 
  • Heyokas are very social people who love to help and interact with people.
  • Heyokas are very good at supporting people through difficulties, which makes them one of the strongest empaths.
Time and emotions management

Heyokas are very social and are usually very open, friendly, and caring. When they are around people, they mostly have strong friendships in place. One of the heyoka empath traits that makes their survival easier is this one. They like to spend time with their friends and are very generous with them. I have discussed some other heyoka traits below.

  • Heyoka empaths are out-of-control regarding their time management skills. It happens because it is very difficult for them to balance work, family, and personal time simultaneously.
  • Heyokas read too much so they can be extremely paranoid sometimes and that can even cause them a great deal of pain.
  • They are out of control regarding their feelings. This happens because it is very difficult to carry so many emotions.
  • Heyokas are some of the most creative people that you have ever met.  
  • Apparently, they cannot accept criticism. Heyokas are the most sensitive artists and cannot even stand slight criticism.

Author: Dr Tahira Rubab Hafeez

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