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The empath types and life of an empath

We often refer to empaths as emotional sponges because of their ability to absorb feelings. There are different empath types including super, psychic, and heyoka empaths. The life of an empath includes healing other people and absorbing the emotions of joys, sorrows, and pains of other people. 

Symptoms of empaths

The most relatable signs of empaths are:

  • You possess a lot of empathy.
  • Intimacy and closeness in relationships can over-excite you.
  • You have a powerful intuition.
  • You love spending time in nature.
  • Crowded places and gatherings can discomfort you.
  • You face a hard time caring for others.
  • People like to tell you their problems.
  • Empaths are excellent listeners.
  • Highly sensitive to sounds, smells, and sensations.
  • You need time to reset yourself.
  • You dislike conflicts.
  • You often feel you don’t belong here.
  • You isolate yourself.
  • You find the world unique.
  • The emotions of others sometimes overload and burden you.
  • You find it hard to set boundaries in relationships.
  • You get easily hurt by slight criticism.
  • You absorb the positive and negative energies of people.

Now let’s discuss the life of an empath and some empath types with their signs.

Healed empaths

Empaths heal themselves by realizing their problems, pains, traumas, and setbacks. They take care of themselves and thus can become super empaths. While healing, they remain happy and positive and try not to lose empathy. Empaths heal themselves through:

  • Visualization
  • Forgiveness
  • Protecting their aura
  • By becoming spiritually open-minded
  • Training their brains
  • Holding tightly to empathy
life of an empath
life of an empath

The empath types

Super Empaths

One of the empath types is the unhealed empath. Since the life of an empath includes the constant healing of others, these feelings get piled up in them. Unhealed empaths can pose a serious threat to society if not handled properly. Prominent features of unhealed empaths are:

  • Feel creativity blocked
  • Struggle with low self-esteem
  • Get easily exhausted in crowds
  • Numb their pain with unhealthy habits
  • Feel insecure and fearful in relationships
  • Take responsibility for other people’s pains and sorrows
  • Experience digestive issues because of absorbing the emotions of others
  • Find themselves in continuous negative cycles

Psychic Empaths

We should not mix the psychic form of empathy with basic human emotions of empathy. Most people can feel empathy for others without being psychic empaths. Psychic empaths often pick up nonverbal and non-visual cues, as they are highly sensitive.

Super Empaths

Super empaths carry the ability to recognize when anyone around them is hurting. They can go to any extent to relieve people from pain and sometimes it becomes difficult for them to know when they should need to stop for their own sake. Super empaths have a powerful presence. They have a potent ability to be with people and always give their full to it.

The heyoka empaths

Let us make something very clear. The life of an empath is not like that of other people. For instance, look at the heyoka empaths. They are the empath types that are rarest. Heyokas are the most powerful empaths and are called sacred clowns. Signs you are a heyoka empath are:

  • You care deeply about people. You take patience in listening to them and take every step to solve their problems.
  • You have a quick wit and sharp intellect and carry a cheerful and witty personality.
  • You have a strong intuition and read other people’s minds.
  • You are an emotional mirror to everyone, and people react emotionally to you.
  • You are honest and despise lying.
  • You have a strong tendency to search for beauty and have a significant creative streak.
  • You go against the norms.
  • You embrace life and its uncertainties happily.

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