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The psychic phenomena of psychic people

Parapsychology is the study of psychic phenomena and paranormal claims. The psychic people experience them, and natural laws cannot explain them. They involve fortune-telling and receiving messages from dead people. The word psychic describes the strange mental powers and skills of a person.

Belief in psychic phenomena and psychic people

Future prediction is not a skill people associate with humans. Research shows that many people believe in psychic phenomena and supernatural claims. One imagines that the credibility of psychic people would be weakened by the examples of fraud. Yet, many people believe in the powers of psychic ability. One-quarter of people accept that humans have psychic abilities.


Researchers studied believers and doubters with the same education and performance. They found that believers are not rational while viewing the world. Believers also view psychic claims as confirmatory evidence, regardless of their evidential basis.

Vague and general

These claims are general and unclear. Still, people believe in them. We know this as The Barnum effect. In it, people give high ratings to vague identity descriptions. They are general enough to apply to a wide range of people.

Validation is impossible

Many psychic claims and psychic phenomena are impossible to verify.

Mixed evidence

Another factor supporting this belief is scientific evidence with positive findings. It strengthens the views of believers that the psychic people are authentic. But, they ignore that scientists criticize these studies. People replicate them for general acceptance.


Despite occurrences of fraud, people believe in these events. It can be because of irrational thinking or lack of experience.

Psychic phenomena - signs of psychic people

Special powers are not present in all human beings. A few among us see, feel, and experience things no one does. We know these as psychic phenomena or supernatural claims. The psychic people like to help other people. Common signs of being a psychic include:

  • Place-related feelings

Like feelings about people, you get feelings about places. Sometimes, you do not feel right about an area. When you leave it, you feel relief.

  • Sudden outburst of emotions

You feel emotions out of nowhere, and then you receive a call from your friend or family. They tell you that something awful has happened. In reality, you were tuning into your emotions and knew what was coming.

  • Gut feelings

You can decide without thinking much. It is your gut feeling helping you to decide. Though irrational, you know the right or wrong decision. It is how gut feeling saves you from making a poor decision.

  • Dreamer

Your dreams are realistic, intense, and have hidden meanings.

  • Past life experiences

You might have experienced déjà vu many times. It will happen many times in a short period even if you do not get it for a while. You feel you’ve been in that place or had the experience of psychic phenomena before.

  • Certain childhood fears

Do you remember fearing anything when you were a child? The  psychic people have childhood visitations. Some of them they remember, while some they do not.

  • You are sensitive to energy

Being in crowded places makes you tired. You take time to recover from being in these places and try to avoid them.

  • You always feel something is more out there

You had a feeling that there is something more out there, but you are not sure what it is. Metaphysical parts of life draw you towards them.

Powers of psychic people

There are powers of psychic people that real-world people have. Many skills relate to variations of the sixth sense. I have discussed the complete list below.

  • The projection of the mental body is the power to project. In it, awareness seems separate from the physical body for a brief time.
  • Automatic writing is the ability to draw/write without conscious intention. It is one of the strange psychic phenomena that scientists are unable to explain.
  • Divination is the power to gain insight into a situation.
  • Dowsing is the ability to detect water using a dowsing rod.
  • Dream telepathy is the potential to communicate with another person through dreams.
  • Levitation is the skill by which people can float using mystical means.
  • Materialization: It is the power to create objects and equipment from unknown sources.
  • Channeling: It is the ability to communicate with souls and spirits.
  • Prophecy: It is the potential to read events without induction or deduction from known data.
  • Psychic surgery: It is the skill of detaching problems from tissues via energetic cuts.
  • Shape-shifting is the power with which a person can transfigure a body into anything.
  • Witnessing is the gift of getting visits from spiritual beings.

ESP of psychics

Extrasensory perception (ESP), also known as the sixth sense, is an unnatural ability. It links to the reception of information sensed by the mind. In ESP, psychic people receive information about future events before they happen. No scientific evidence proves psychic phenomena exist in reality. The reports of these phenomena are only from unreliable evidence.

  • Extrasensory perception or sixth sense is a capability and makes up a set of abilities, like:
  • Clairvoyance: They can see effects and events occurring far away. They can detect objects, places, and people using the sixth sense.
  • Precognition is the ability of a person to get information about future events without using data.
  • Remote viewing is the power to see a distant object using ESP.
  • Post cognition is the skill in which a person can identify past events.
  • Telepathy is the capability to collect or send thoughts.

Author: Dr Tahira Rubab Hafeez

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