symptoms of deja vu

The symptoms of deja vu

Deja vu is a kind of mysterious feeling. The symptoms of deja vu include a feeling that happens when we feel that a new situation is familiar. The feeling is real, although there is solid proof the situation could not happen before that. For a long time, scientists related this surprising and unnatural feeling to everything. It ranged from disturbances related to events without scientific proof to nerve-based problems. A definite, solid attribution behind deja vu remains unknown to date. But there are four guessed explanations. They include different categories of experiences and possible causes behind them. I have mentioned them below.

Scientists link deja vu to faults in the memory systems of the brain. It leads the information related to hearing, seeing, etc. to avoid and bypass memory for a short time. The information reaches the long-term memory instead. It may produce a confused and complicated feeling. We feel that we have experienced a new moment before.

Deja vu Perceptions

People believe that deja vu can be because of the crash of two different streams of knowledge. There is a mix of experiencing a current situation with the feeling that this is a wrong memory. A key feature in the symptoms of deja vu is that the person perceives that they have not seen this before. Sometimes, what happens is because of split perception. Someone is treating a sight twice because they changed to flow on a different path. It can also happen because their vision interfered because of some reason. The person consciously experiences the second perception after the first one. But it feels unknown because we are not aware of the first experience. We processed it partially only.

symptoms of deja vu -
symptoms of deja vu -

Effects of symptoms of deja vu

The symptoms of deja vu have no serious effect on all healthy people. There is only a feeling of confusion lasting for only a short time. But, you need to visit a nerve doctor if you experience deja vu often. You should get checked for epilepsy or any other connected nerve-based conditions. Most people experience deja vu with no bad health effects. In some rare cases, deja vu can be a sign of a nerve-based sickness. People with epilepsy often have focal seizures that happen in one area of the brain. It sometimes happens in the time-related lobe where we store and arrange memories.

Deja vu Triggers

There are different reasons and triggers for this mysterious feeling of deja vu. But the most common factors are being busy, tired, and a little stressed out. People experience the feeling of deja vu more when they get drained and exhausted. It can happen because of tiredness and stress. Anyone can experience deja vu. But those who experience it many times share some common traits. I have mentioned them below.

  • High income
  • Well educated
  • Persistent travelers
  • People who remember their dreams
  • People who are liberal
  • People in the age group 15-25
  • People who experience epilepsy

Epilepsy is the most usual nerve-based condition connected with the symptoms of deja vu and its causes. It affects the time-related lobe of your brain, where vision gets studied. There are different seizures, but focal seizures are the most common kind. We often connect them with deja vu experiences.

Deja vu bottom line

The symptoms of deja vu include the surprising feeling that you have seen something already. Although you know that you have never experienced it, the experience feels real. Experts agree that this feeling relates to memory. So, if you have deja vu, you might have experienced almost the same event before, but you can’t remember it.

If it only happens every once in a while, you don’t need to worry about it. Even though it can feel a little awkward and strange but it has no effect. You could experience it more if you’re tired or under a lot of stress. You can take some steps if it’s a regular experience for you. Release your stress and get more rest if you don’t have seizure-related signs of sickness.

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