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The opposite of empath | empaths attract narcissists

Empaths carry the positive energies of others. Their negative thoughts drain them. An empath is a person who feels the pain and emotions of others. Whereas, the opposite of empath is a narcissist who has no empathy. The reason empaths attract narcissists is that empaths can feed their constant need for admiration. Empaths are eager to help others. They are intuitive and often accurate. Empaths are great givers. They hate violence. When someone is lying, they have a strong sense of justice. They can see the true intentions of others.

We define empathy as the capacity to put yourself in others’ shoes. The ability to relate to their feelings, emotions, and experiences. So, it is the ability to feel and understand what others are experiencing exactly.

Are empaths an actual thing?

Empaths exist. Plenty of people refer to themselves as empaths. But, they make up a small proportion of the population in actuality. According to a study, only 1-2% of the entire population are actual empaths. Now the question of why empaths attract narcissists would be clear to you. They mirror other people’s movements. The opposite of empath is a narcissist drooling in his admiration. MRI scans have already supported this. There is a neural relay system in the brain that functions by these movements. Research shows that mirror neurons are present in the brain of empaths. They enable them to feel, understand and read other people’s emotions.

Triggers for empaths:

I have listed some emotional triggers that empaths can experience below.

  • Pains and suffering of others.
  • Fulfilling demands and expectations of others.
  • Too much intimacy in relationships.
  • Negative energies of others.
  • Childhood abuse and traumas.
  • Neglect
  • Feeling of worthlessness.
empaths attract narcissists
empaths attract narcissists

Narcissist: The opposite of empath

As a narcissist is the opposite of empath he thrives on admiration. The reason empaths attract narcissists is that they are sensitive people. They absorb the feelings and emotions of other people. Narcissists can cash in on this ability for their benefit. Empaths believe they can help and handle narcissists. So they dedicate themselves to narcissists, but narcissists never acknowledge it. In this way, narcissists take advantage of empaths. They treat their compassion as their weakness. Here are the likely signs to tell if you’re an empath.

  1. Empaths reflect a lot of empathy.
  2. Intimacy and close contact are overwhelming for empaths.
  3. Empaths give a strong gut reaction to odd things. It reflects their strong intuition.
  4. Empaths like spending time in nature as it comforts them.
  5. Crowded and busy places can put empaths in a difficult position. A narcissist, being the opposite of empath likes to remain in the limelight.
  6. Empaths like to help others; when it is impossible, they disappoint.
  7. Empaths are excellent listeners, so people share their secrets and problems with them.
  8. Empaths are sensitive to smell, sound, and sensation.
  9. Empaths get fatigued and need time to recharge.
  10. They avoid conflicts because of their higher sensitivity. The empaths attract narcissists because of this quality, too.
  11. Empaths find it difficult to fit in and relate to other people.
  12. Empaths like isolation to heal themselves.
  13. Empaths find it hard to set boundaries in relationships.
  14. Empaths see the world in exquisite ways.
  15. Empaths get influenced by other people’s emotions. 

Author: Dr Tahira Rubab Hafeez

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