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The narc survivor knowledge

We know NPD as too much interest in oneself. It is a strong feeling of pleasure about oneself and one’s appearance. A narc survivor knows that this personality type shows selfishness. They have a sense of entitlement and an inability to feel what other people are feeling. They need a strong feeling of pleasure and wonder. This personality type has the traits I mentioned below.

  • Extensive self-focus
  • A higher sense of self
  • Strong need for praise and appreciation

NPD starts in the early 19th century, via Latin from the Greek name Narkissos. It is a type of personality problem. We see it as an inflated sense of their importance and a deep need for too much attention. They have harmed relationships and a loss of understanding of feelings for others. I have discussed some signs of NPD below.

  • A much bigger sense of snobbiness
  • Need too much pleasure and wonder and need for special treatment
  • Lack of sympathy
  • Identity interference
  • Disturbed relationships (difficulty in attachment and dependency)
  • Abusive (takes advantage of others)
  • Feelings of boredom and emptiness
  • The fragility of life change
  • Preoccupation with fantasies, e.g. power, success, love, and beauty

Causes, Identification, and Difficulties With NPD

To be a narc survivor you should know that there can be different complex causes of NPD. It can be because of the reasons I mentioned below.

  • Child-parent Relationships

Criticizing or caring for children too much in their early years can be bad. It can cause NPD in children.

If parents ignore their children, this can also cause narcissistic behavior in children.

The traits of NPD can also be inborn.

Differences in our thought patterns in connection with the brain can cause NPD.

narc survivor -
narc survivor -

The narc survivor knowledge - identification, types, and difficulties with NPD

Being on the narc survivor journey, you must have heard that NPD affects females more than males. NPD often starts at an early age when a person is a child or teenager. Some children might show some qualities of NPD. But it can be common at their age and does not develop into NPD as they grow up. NPD can be with different difficulties. I have mentioned them below.

Identification Of NPD

We identify NPD using the Manual of Mental Sicknesses (DSM-5). If one shows five out of the above-said qualities, then he is most likely to get affected by NPD.

Major Narcissist Types 

I have mentioned five major types of narcissists below.

They are usually friendly and outgoing, high-reaching, and attention searchers. They can also end up aggressive or violent if something challenges their reputation. This person may also come across as shy, withdrawn, or disrespectful.

NPD affects them, but they lack the feature of greatness in them. It might be easy to break free if you are on the narc survivor journey from them.

They can work hard to be stronger and better than everyone else.

  • Communal Narcissists

This type is opposite to the above NPD type. They can become angry in a bad way and react to the unfair things around them strongly.

  • Malignant Narcissists

It is an extreme type of NPD. They are very aggressive and sometimes treat or unfairly use others.

How to stop being a narcissist?

Since you are on the narc survivor journey, you know that most people with NPD are not aware of their habits. To overcome NPD, we can put in some helpful methods to use.

  • If a person shows over five features of NPD, then he needs extreme therapy. If some features exist, then regular therapy will work out.
  • If we open ourselves to reactions and responses, it will bring positivity to us
  • Introducing ourselves to the chance of there being over two right answers
  • Identifying and overcoming your past events of serious physical or emotional harm. You should also look forward to life.
  • Getting more in touch with the present life
  • Practicing kindness, hard work, and dedication in everyday life

Author: Dr Tahira Rubab Hafeez

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