surviving narcissism

Surviving narcissism in society

Narcissism is spreading in this modern world and unfortunately is on the rise today. Narcissists are people who are full of themselves. They bring destructive effects on people individually and altogether. It will not be hard to say that the widespread disease is out of control, and surviving narcissism is very hard.

In short, narcissism affects daily life, communities, relationships, cultures, workplaces, and social media. People with NPD have traits that add to self-care only. In this way, they affect people and things that are near and around them. They have an acute sense of greatness and snobbiness. So they have selfish behaviors and a need for increased special treatment. They cannot feel what other people are feeling. Narcissism brings destructive effects on the individual lives of people. People with NPD pay a lot of attention to themselves, as they are self-focused and have an unreal sense of self.

They want praise and powerful feelings of pleasure and wonder. They want extreme appreciation for their appearance. People with NPD are selfish and don’t have sympathy for others, as they are self-centered. They do not distinguish themselves from external objects as they only think of them. They need extra attention from others. This feature makes surviving narcissism even harder. As they are so full of themselves, they sometimes feel bored and empty inside. Fantasies like success and power, occupy people with NPD. They are jealous of others and believe others are also jealous of them. They think and believe that are very special people.

surviving narcissism at workplace
surviving narcissism at workplace

Surviving narcissism at workplace

People with NPD affect workplaces. They display a negative influence on other workers. It is because they work with dishonest behaviors. Today’s day and age almost need the possession of these traits at work for success. It leaves us with no option other than to get ourselves experts in surviving narcissism at work too. People with NPD show no appreciation for others. They spread an inferiority complex among workers. People with NPD interfere with the mood of their team members. They are bold and obnoxious and show no sympathy for their peers.

Because of an unusual sense of self, their behaviors, expressions, and reactions are at the top. They look for self-praise and recognition for every minor action of completing something. Narcissists fantasize about being in power and like to control everyone. They expect their peers to treat them in a special manner. People with NPD cannot handle any criticism at work. All these things add to team conflicts and interfere with team togetherness. There is no team effort present and, as a result, there is a decrease in the productivity of workers. Workers can not work well because of decreased levels of employee engagement. Shortly, narcissism discolors and ruins the image of the desired work culture.

Shallow narcissistic relationships

People with NPD experience troubled, shallow, and abusive relationships. It is because they only think about themselves and ignore the feelings of their partners. So, there is less chance of people surviving narcissism in relationships. They cannot attach to their partners, as they are sensitive. People with NPD cannot depend on their partners because of high self-confidence. They throw wild anger outbursts and bold and obnoxious behaviors toward their partners. They are abusive and take advantage of the people who care about them. People with NPD are selfish in their relationships. They only think of themselves and never care about others.

Narcissism also affects cultures that value a person over people as a whole. These cultures report having higher levels of narcissism. It is because they value personal gains over collective benefits. Cultures that focus on one person have self-loving habits. Such culture reflects shallow values, violent behavior, and less thought-related interest. It also has the inability to express concern for people altogether. These cultures ignore social reasons for doing things and goals. There is no harmony or a strong desire for collective achievement.

Social media fueling narcissism

Social media narcissism is also very popular these days. Famous social media sources focus on displaying personal images and sharing personal opinions. It makes people with NPD appear in control of social media too. It is bad today when fewer and fewer are good at the art of surviving narcissism successfully. Narcissism develops in children by sharing these pictures and opinions. Higher amounts of social media content adds to a higher level of greatness in people with NPD.

More frequent selfies are an example of snobbiness. People with NPD use social media channels to please their self-image and gain praise. They like to share things about themselves and take pride in showing such things. They make a lot of friends on social media. People with NPD think way too much about their social and wealth status. So increased use of social media adds to a rise in these qualities in people.

Narcissistic Abuse Control

The effect of narcissistic abuse is permanent, and its destruction is permanent. It takes huge time and energy to be good at surviving narcissism and its effects. There are some effective ways to overcome this unfair treatment:

  • Accept your feelings and don’t hold down and stop them.
  • Educate yourself.
  • Recognition of situations in which you are being controlled and misled.
  • Join communities and support groups.
  • Learning from actual experiences of people.
  • Take time to heal yourself if you need it.
  • Take good care of yourself by eating healthy and sleeping well. Start the activities that help improve thinking and development.
  • Open yourself to new experiences by introducing yourself to the hidden issues.
  • Identifying and overcoming past events of serious physical or emotional harm.
  • Looking forward to life
  • Practicing self-kindness and dedication in everyday life.

Author: Dr Tahira Rubab Hafeez

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