understanding the narc

Understanding the narc | outsmarting a narcissist

We define NPD as self-involvement that is much bigger and worse than reality. It is so extreme that NPD people ignore the needs of those surrounding them. Go through the process of understanding the narc before outsmarting a narcissist and his actions. True NPD people ignore others and their feelings.

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NPD is a feature, but it can also be a part of a personality problem. As NPD is a spectrum, not every narcissist suffers from NPD. We classify the people lying at the highest end of the spectrum as NPD. But others who only carry narcissistic qualities fall on the lower end of this spectrum.

People with NPD can be a challenge for everyone. Living with such a person needs different and advanced emotional skills. Dealing with them can be annoying and challenging. The relationship may revolve around them, and you may feel exhausted by their demands.

Spotting A Narcissist

People showing signs of self-love can often fascinate and be interesting. They don’t show negative behavior straight away in relationships. The process of understanding the narc involves knowing that they like to be surrounded by people who feed their self-images. While outsmarting a narcissist know that he builds shallow relationships. It is to support and strengthen their ideas about themselves.

NPD people often have the following traits:

  • Sense of greatness
  • High levels of self-confidence, and snobbiness
  • Feelings like they are superior to others
  • Bold and obnoxious behavior
  • Control or mislead others
  • Believe that they are special
  • Boast about their abilities
  • Need constant praise
  • Feel jealous towards others and believe others are jealous of them
  • Lack of understanding of feelings
  • Constantly think about brilliance, power, or success
  • Have a deep need for special treatment
outsmarting a narcissist
outsmarting a narcissist

Understanding The Narc

If you are on the journey of understanding the narc know that they may do everything to get whatever they want. It may help you while outsmarting a narcissist and his effects on you. They do not feel emotional closeness with others, even with the people who are very close to them. I have discussed the steps involved to outsmart a narcissist below.

  • Educate yourself

Study more about NPD to help you understand its strengths and weaknesses. Knowing them allows you to accept them and have realistic expectations.

  • Create clear borders

Set clear borders. It may be disappointing for the narcissist, but it is necessary to control their feelings of love, hate, and fear.

Feelings of confusion and self-doubt may arise while living with a narcissist. So make sure that the core group of people in your life is supportive.

If you cannot cure your partner’s problem, it may be helpful to talk to a counselor. He can show you different ways to solve problems.

Things To Avoid

To avoid problems, it’s best not to stand up to him. You must understand this idea while understanding the narc and overcoming him.

  • Avoid directing them

If you are going to focus on outsmarting a narcissist you should know that they like to control things. It is because they fear losing them.

  • Avoid expecting them to think about your point of view

They don’t like to admit their mistakes even when they are wrong. So trying to make them see things your way may give unexpected results.

  • Avoid past

Try to stay in the present and avoid talking about the painful past.

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