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The average transgender in Pakistan

People completely ignore the average transgender in Pakistan in every area of life. They are facing plenty of problems. These problems include a lack of basic human rights like health and education. Issues range from social to money-based and include legal problems also. I have discussed the major issues below.

Unfair treatment

People see them as different from other people in the community. So, they keep them out of their families. In Pakistan, transgenders often face unfair treatment and face bad labels. It causes rejection by others. Their own families often disown them. We separated them far from the community and they feel left out. People avoid them because they do not have the usual male or female values. Everyone in the community ignores them, including their families and friends. It puts them into stress, fear, and depression.

Physical And Mental Violence

They face teasing, threats, and mistreatment from the community of people. The people hurt and blame them. They face physical and mental violence, ranging from total separation to violent murders. The average transgender in Pakistan also gets involved in moving illegal things. People subject them to theft and forced prostitution. Many transgenders start unhealthy activities, like unprotected sex and alcohol consumption. It is because of money problems and unfair treatment issues. Unprotected sex increases the chances of HIV/AIDS. They often fall victim to gang rape also. It brings them a lot of mental worry and depression. Alcohol and dangerous over-use of drugs are excuses they indulge themselves in. Some others resort to self-harm and make suicidal attempts. People have feelings of intense dislike and make unfair opinions against them.

Problems Of Every Transgender In Pakistan

Lack Of Basic Human Rights

The average transgender in Pakistan faces money-based issues. It is because they cannot get access to good employment opportunities. It results from a lack of education. They can’t survive in educational institutions. Most of them have to beg or involve in sex work to make their living. They become homeless and face problems in finding a place to live and sleep. It happens because their families disown them. People do not allow them to live anywhere. So, they live in groups for their survival and protection. Unfortunately, they also lack proper healthcare facilities. They suffer from extreme mental problems, like fear, stress, and depression.

Mean Treatment

Transgenders are facing unfair physical treatment and violence. It is because people believe them to be easy targets. We found higher sexual violence, especially among young transgenders. People attack, tease, and threaten them at workplaces. It makes it hard for them to earn money. For survival, they get involved in the sex trade, leading to higher rates of HIV cases. Extreme physical violence leads to gang rapes, tortures, and even murders.

Lack Of Legal Recognition

The average transgender in Pakistan does not get basic human rights. Lack of legal recognition makes them able to get hurt by unfair treatment. Although there is the Trans Protection Act, it is not in practice. Schools and workplaces do not recognize them. Health facilities also ignore them. They do not reach respectable status in the community. They have property rights as per law. But the community does not practice them.

Author: Dr Tahira Rubab Hafeez

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