Do men and women experience sexuality differently?

Sexuality is a natural thing

Sexuality is a natural thing that exists in both males and females. It is important to understand what sexuality is before getting into the details of how different it is for each gender. Sexuality is mainly about the desire one has it is not related to the person being straight, gay or a lesbian.

It is just the desire for sex and the body towards another. Some people however prefer gaining pleasure using various sex toys, for them sexuality is to gain pleasure without any partner. Sexuality is a complete subject that involves your mind, your body and your desire.

Generally people fulfill their sexual desires with the opposite gender and they gain pleasure through that. It is the mindset of certain type of people who seek pleasure for fulfilling their desire by force, such people are termed as mentally sick people who rape, but to them it’s their way of seeking pleasure.

Men are more prone towards sex than women

However as a whole the same definition is applied differently both on males and females. In the normal circumstances it is seen that males are attracted to females and vice versa. Their sex hormones become active with and for each other. The desire for sex has been found out to be more than in women. The studies show that males are more prone towards sex and physical fantasies, they are more aggressive and give less importance to commitments in a relationship.

The overall impact worldwide has made a certain mindset of the men regarding their sexuality. It is common thing and in some places a sign of prestige that it is alright for men to have sex with multiple women and masturbate. This act is considered to be cool. While on the contrary a girl even after marriage is not open about her orgasms and sexual desires.

Women experience orgasms frequantly as compared to men

Women are exposed less as compared to men. Women experience orgasms more frequently as compared to men but as per the cultures they not tell people or show off that they had been using any kind of sex toys or have had self-orgasms. The desire for sex is very much present in girls and they have a variety to fulfill their desires unlike men all they have is a penis to satisfy their sexual wants.

It is generally different with lesbians and gays. The overall relationships are different and the pleasures they seek are entirely different. For instance a girl couple uses a dildo to fulfill their need of sex but would not tie up with a man. Similarly a gay couple would perform anal intercourse rather than being with a girl for a proper path made by nature.

As a whole it is all about the mental satisfaction of men and women. They do what gives them pleasure and eventual happiness that utmost satisfaction may be solo, using sex toys, being with a partner of same gender or the opposite one. Reaching out to the point of pleasure through any means is sexuality and that is variable for men and women.

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